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Mobile Application Development and Features for Business

We live in an age when almost everyone on earth uses a smartphone. According to the recent App Annie report, 2020 was set to be mobile applications’ biggest years with 204B mobile application downloads and mobile ad spend reaching $380B. Onlinist is prepared for current and future innovations such as the growth of 5G, PWA (Progressive Web Apps), and providing the creation of various types of apps created using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

The four types of mobile applications are:

Why Mobile Applications Are Important?

The growth of mobile is clear and indisputable. And if you’re still not among those who exploit this platform for marketing, it’s time to think about its effectiveness. Why not use the opportunity to reach your customers with a mobile app? Brands such as Nivea, Starbucks, Ikea, and McDonalds have led campaigns, loyalty programs, and VR experiences with awe-inspiring mobile strategies.

For the businesses mobile apps can keep your customers connected to your brand, help your business stay organized, and what is more important, help your business become more recognizable.

Mobile Application Devlopment in Dubai

Benefits Of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications will help you deliver value to your consumer. You can use apps that solve routine tasks (Nike Run Club) or Loyalty apps such as Starbucks Rewards. Solving daily problems is not only about performing complicated functions. It’s also about entertaining your users and performing tasks related to their hobbies such as games and online streaming. Additionally, they are also useful for notifications to send your service offers, new products, activities, and updates. With the rise of chatbots, users will communicate with your brand via different messengers.

Lastly, the more people and customers install your application the more you will be able to grow your business. The mobile application will let your customers use the services 24/7 including e-commerce services with secure payment gateway options. To conclude, mobile applications:

  • More user friendly

  • Faster than a website

  • Provides the user with timely notifications

  • Collects data about users

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Grows brand loyalty and audience

If you’re convinced, ‘app’ly for a free consultation with us.


Most of the companies and retailers are transforming their business model by investing in the app world and growing their business successfully.