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Onlinist has been ‘online’ for 20+ years in the IT world. That is a long time, and we are still going strong!

Our office, located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, consists of both experienced technologists and creative marketers who have worked for global network and ad agencies on some of the world’s largest brands.

In Dubai, we support some very well-known brands with software development, website design, digital marketing, branding, and design services.

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Anum H. Baqai


Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of Dubai experience in IT, Real Estate, Management Finance

Khurram Khanzada

Director Consultant
Business Architect with over 20 years of experience in Operations Management and Consultancy

Farrukh Tauseef Khan

Blockchain Expert with over 18 years of experience in IT, Design, Media Marketing, and E-Business
Salman Azhar
Project Lead
Sameer Ayoub
Sr. Full Stack Developer
Faiza Rameez
Fiza Rameez
Sr. Full Stack Developer
Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Umer
Lead Designer & Web Developer
Faiza Rameez
Sikandar Shabbir
Sr. Full Stack Developer
Faiza Rameez
Akhil Mathew
Senior Software Developer
Faiza Rameez
Pranav Dyaram
Mobile App Developer
Faiza Rameez
Yehya Yasser
Software Developer
Faiza Rameez
Maryam Tariq
Back-end Developer
Faiza Rameez
Sadham Hussain
Faiza Rameez
Geethu Elizabeth
Customer Support
Faiza Rameez
Saba Parvaiz
Jr. Back-end Developer
Faiza Rameez
Ali Ahmed
Jr. Front-end Developer
Faiza Rameez
Talha Mughal

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