2019 SME Social Media Marketing Trends

Social Media is something everyone is engaged with, whether you are a businessman or housewife people all around the world are spending hours to see what is happening in the world. Whether it’s a new social media platform or just the launch of new features, social media platforms are constantly innovating to keep users interested and satisfied.

It is very hard for the small business owners to get into the race of social media as new trends, tools and features are coming day by day and to keep your self-updated with all these things is not you can do if you have a busy schedule.

Here we have culled the trends in digital marketing in 2019

Organic reach on social media channels is declining.

Every day people are complaining about organic reach, they are not able to reach people without paying to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Recently Facebook updated their UI to make their experience better. One way to improve this is by adding social media marketing to your overall strategy to get the best ROI against your strategy. Social ads help compliment your organic reach by allowing you to gain new visibility within your target market.

Another way to reach out to your audience is through location-based targeting which Facebook allows you to choose when you are implementing your social media strategy, using this targeting strategy you can only reach out to people who are interested in your business.

2019 the year of Video marketing:

One of the hottest trends we have seen in this year is video marketing. If you have a social media strategy without videos then you are missing one big thing to get to your audience. When you are adding content on social media you have to find out the best way how you can engage your audience. While on the other side written content has limitations which have should be followed to make your target achieve and sometimes the posts get blur and your message is not delivered to your audience. Video content is an effective way to get your audience’s attention and start engaging them. Additionally, if posting constant video content is too much for your small business, you can also explore other ways to spice up your social media content.

Ephemeral content provides:

We all know how Snapchat took the social media with its amazing filters within the application. And other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more applications have already stepped into ephemeral content marketing.

Ephemeral content is content which is available for a specific time like Facebook and Instagram stories. This type of content has made people use to it and they share their daily social life with the help of ephemeral content.

Empheral content can help the small business owners to reach out to their audience by adding such content to their marketing strategy. Such posts can help the brand show their human side while also playing on the consumer fear of missing out. A user is also able to take the action faster before the content is gone.

Storytelling is the best way to market your product’s you can add videos or pictures with the brief about the product. There are many ways to leverage this trend to create more excitement about your brand and build stronger customer relationships

Facebook reviews:

When you are talking about digital marketing the most important thing is “Review”. This is one of this biggest SMM trends on which you will have to pay attention is “Consumer Review” on Facebook as a part of their purchasing.

When a customer lands on your Facebook page the most highlighted part they see are your reviews. Some people might be ending up with just a star review or others will be adding a comprehensive overview of their experience. These reviews also help you have a significant impact on people who are willing to purchase from you.

Power of live streaming:

There are tons of applications now in the market which give you this feature of going live with your audience and communicating with them. Back in 2015 Facebook introduced a feature in its website where you can go live with your friends, family or even your page audience. You are able to leave a comment or give a like to their live streaming.

The business owner can incorporate this trend into their social media marketing strategy and see how they are getting benefit from their content. For example, if you want to host a Q&A for your leads and customers, why not do it live on Facebook?


A great way to reach out to your audience who visited your page or website is through Retargeting. Retargeting your ads can be a real game-changing for your business. These retargeting ads enable your business to use strategic and targeted content to try to bring the visitor back to your site to follow through with the conversion, whether that is a purchase or something else.

Influencer marketing:

You must have seen thousands of people who are giving a review about the products and getting millions of likes or shares on their content. Influencing marketing is a great way to market your products. People doing such marketing have built their audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands reach out to influencers to market their products to get an extra mileage apart from their audience. One way is to offer your products to the influencer for free or reduced cost in exchange for a mention on their profile or a review. If you have a product or service that the influencer may use, you might also consider trading services in exchange for visibility on their social profiles.